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Core Arcanum PDF

Core Arcanum is a 73 page, second edition core rulebook for playing tabletop roleplaying games. Inside are the rules for dice mechanics, vitality and wounds, combat, and the framework for character creation through ancestries, heritages, and archetypes. It provides examples for game masters to create their own campaign settings and stories to narrate for the players around their table. Under the ORC license, we encourage you to explore the boundaries of your own creativity, and make experiences that you and your friends can enjoy.


Core Arcanum provides several roleplaying game elements:

  • Simple Dice Pools
  • Vitality and Wounds health system
  • Customizable character advancement
  • Fate and Fortune party synergy
  • Collaborative vehicle combat
  • High risk/high reward powers system


And much more!


This is the digital format of Core Arcanum in PDF format. This version priced to help support the author and artists as this core mechanics SRD is fully illustrated and formatted. 

Core Arcanum PDF

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