Solar Arcanum 2199™

Cosmic art, science fiction wallpaper. Beauty of deep space. Billions of galaxies in the u

Solar Arcanum 2199™

High Fantasy meets science fiction in an unapologetic universe

Solar Arcanum 2199 takes place on a similar earth to our own, in the not so distant future. Magic and adventure has reshaped the landscape, and followed humanity into the stars.

Solar Arcanum 2199 is a tabletop, pen and paper role playing game, designed to be played with three or more players and one other playing as the Game Master. 


With experience points as a currency the players control precisely how their characters progress and grow. A character whose roots started as a soldier can find magical powers awakening within. Or perhaps a psychic scientist has found the need for war, and seeks to equip cybernetic implants to serve those needs.

Dynamic initiative giving players tactical control over the battlefield as well as their turn in combat. Choose your steps carefully to either gain the upper hand next turn or to affect an enemy's initiative so that your team may come out victorious.

Collaborative vehicle combat ensures that the entire party contributes to successful ship encounters. Each player may take a station and perform actions to coordinate the crew, pilot the vehicle, fix and maintain systems, or fire the weapons.

Purple Planet

The Soldier

Soldiers have found their place in nearly every corner of the known galaxy. From battlefield commanders, to starship captains, to expedition leaders, soldiers use their tenacity and grit to guide others to victory.

The Dice Pool

When making any kind of skill or combat check, the character will roll a number of dice according to their attribute and skill value.


Blue Falcon Studios is a veteran owned and operated company, with the purpose of creating exciting and enjoyable tabletop roleplaying games. 

Based in Colorado, Blue Falcon Studios aims to deliver a roleplaying game experience in a realm where science fiction and high fantasy meets in the stars. 


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